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Hello Metrics!

Every day since the launch of Capsules Codes, data has been collected from various platforms such as this blogfolio, Flintable, or X, with the aim of tracking any developments, learning, identifying mistakes made, or understanding what works and what doesn't.

Until just a few days ago, these figures were collected and recorded exclusively in a text file. Visualization became essential.

The Metrics section has now been added, highlighting the data gathered over these numerous days, weeks, and months. The tool was designed to be dynamic and modular to adapt to the evolving needs and data.

Data is displayed based on the selection of tools or platforms and the date range. Two types of data are presented: daily collections and specific events, such as an article publication or the launch of a capsule or module.

The tab is now accessible in the navigation bar.

Find out more on Capsules or X.


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