Image used for article Create a Laravel package on your local environment

If you want to develop your own package, it's entirely reasonable to wonder how to test it under real conditions. Publishing the package on Packagist during development is not an option. Another approach would be to integrate it into a fresh project without using Composer. The method in this article closely simulates a real-world scenario but does require some environment setup.

Image used for article Build a Blog using Laravel, Vue and Canvas

Canvas is a powerful tool for Laravel applications that streamlines the writing, editing, and customization of your content with a range of publishing tools. It's an incredible all-in-one solution for creating and publishing articles, just like the one you're reading.

Image used for article Display a modal using Vue and its Teleport component

While using a modal might seem obvious on a website, its implementation can sometimes be complex. To simplify this task, the Vue framework has introduced its built-in component <Teleport>. This component allows us to “teleport” a portion of a component's template into an existing DOM node outside of the component's DOM hierarchy.

Image used for article Add a global dark mode with Tailwind CSS

The main element of this article is the dark variant that can be configured in the Tailwind CSS configuration file. Adding the class value to darkMode activates the CSS classes only when the dark class is present. The media value, on the other hand, is based on the operating system's preferences.

Image used for article Flintable - I am an Allman

Many coders, ourselves included, regularly and even constantly employ static analyzers. A little refresher for those unfamiliar with this term: the static analyzer checks the code without requiring its execution. It detects logical errors, typos, violations of convention, format drifts. Once integrated into your code editor, it becomes the invisible guardian of your work, unveiling the small human mistakes that might creep into your code.

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It is with this article that we announce the direction we have decided to take. Our thing is the development of web and mobile tools. And let's make it useful for others as well as for ourselves.


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